Light City Baltimore is coming back Baltimore in 2019!

Light City Baltimore 2019 is November 1-10. This year there will be a Drone Light Show on the opening night, Friday, November 1 from 7:30-8:30pm and a Fireworks Finale on November 10 at 9:45pm.

It isn’t just Light City, they have retitled it Brilliant Baltimore, as there are much more than lights – there are programs, shows, and the Baltimore Book Festival, held together to create this bigger event.

The biggest thing you will see is the 1.5 mile long light installation in Downtown Baltimore with light installation shows or sculptures.

Here are more details in a post about the festival, and the website for the event.

Light City Baltimore was such a neat experience, and I hope that this year is just as successful! Come to Downtown Baltimore to enjoy this unique event!