Our office Thanksgiving luncheon just ended, and as usual, I had multiple requests for my sweet potato recipe.

It’s not a big secret, and I am happy to share.

I created the recipe in 1999, when I was asked to bring sweet potatoes to multiple Thanksgiving luncheons. I will clarify that at the time, I highly disliked sweet potatoes, and did not want to make something that I would not eat. So I decided to make it a dessert-like side that even *I* would enjoy. 🙂

In recent years, I have cut down on the butter, and there is no longer a 60 oz can of sweet potatoes (I have found 29 oz cans, and you can use 2, or buy one 40 oz & only use 2/3 of the milk, 2 eggs, and only 2 Tb of butter in the base mixture.)

So the casserole is, obviously, not very good for you, and takes a very healthy food, sweet potato, and makes it into a a high calorie, high sugary mess. But man, oh, man is it WORTH it!

Please let me know if you end up making it, and if you make additions or modifications that are tasty — I love to try new things! Here is my full sweet potato casserole recipe.