The Maryland Comptroller is warning Maryland residents about potential fraudulent “Notices of Property Seizure” per a news release on April 6, 2023.

The Maryland Comptroller’s office posted a photo of what some Maryland residents have received in the mail.

It looks very official and realistic, and gives a phone number for the recipient to call to avoid seizure of their home.

The Comptroller’s Office states that they have not sent these notices, and says they are often inaccurate and use “fraudulent language, text, or logos suggesting that they are affiliated with a state agency.”

The scammers sending these tax fraud notices are looking to trick recipients into sharing personal financial information, and then will try to steal your money.

The Maryland Comptroller’s offices says that if you receive a notice and believe that you may have any outstanding debts with the State of Maryland, call the Office of the Comptroller. The website for the Maryland Comptroller is and the news release about these fraudulent notices can be found on their news release webpage. The bulletin for April 6, 2023 is linked here, but again, go directly to the Maryland Comptroller’s website to verify before calling.

Please note that I have no affiliation with the Maryland government or Maryland Comptroller’s office. I am just sharing information found on the Comptroller’s office and on multiple local news sites, like a Patch article on April 10, 2023. If you need tax advice, you should call a tax accountant.