The Maryland Smoke Alarm law was changed in 2013 in order to help save more lives when a fire starts in a residence.

Maryland homeowners have had until January 1, 2018 to comply with the new law. January 1 is fast approaching!

What does this mean for Maryland homeowners?

Homeowners must update the smoke detectors in their homes and buildings to newer sealed-battery systems if the smoke detectors in the residence are battery operated and 10 years or older. Smoke detectors that are hard-wired must be updated every 10 years (or when they malfunction when tested.)

Also mandated? At least one smoke detector on EVERY floor of a residence.

Baltimore County rental laws have different requirements, so please note that each county, if you are a landlord, may have separate, additional requirements to the above.

Also, newer homes have different requirements, those should be complied with per your contractor.

Here are the details of the law, thanks to the Maryland State Fire Marshall.

Please make sure your home complies with the Smoke Detector Law. It is the law, and it is also for your safety!