Maryland was showcased in Southwest Airline’s Spirit Magazine in July 2014. There is a large focus on the Spirit of Baltimore.

This is one year from the last time that Baltimore was showcased in Spirit Magazine (in July 2013’s edition!)

This year Baltimore is celebrating the 200th Anniversary of the “Star Spangled Banner,” which was written by Francis Scott Key right in Federal Hill in Downtown Baltimore. What better time to be here?

The Spirit Magazine promotional article touches on popular and celebrated Baltimore restaurants — from Charleston to Pazo, Petit Louis to Johnny’s, and even introducing Brian Voltaggio’s new Downtown Baltimore restaurant Aggio. Verde Pizza in Canton is featured, along with Fleet Street Kitchen. (A number of terrific Baltimore restaurants are participating in Baltimore Restaurant Week Summer 2014, so you can check out unique menus and flavors in early August!)

The promotional article continues on about places to stay, the great hospitals we have, and then the wonderful things to do in Downtown Baltimore.

From the Star Spangled Events to the National Aquarium — many museums and events get a look!

Havre De Grace gets a section, as does St. Michaels on the Eastern Shore, our Capital, Annapolis, Southern Maryland, Cecil County and Kent County.

It is a great piece on our great state!

Check out the travel promotional series on Baltimore in the Spirit Magazine online, pages 90-107.

It is wonderful to see Baltimore and other cities in Maryland showcased in such a great way.

Come to Downtown Baltimore to see what you may be missing!