Miracle on 34th Street 2013 in Hampden is lit and ready to go!

Lit from dusk until 11pm each night, 34th Street is a dream to explore!

The residents of 34th St in Hampden do this voluntarily for their enjoyment, and the enjoyment of thousands who come to visit.

You can walk down the street, walk up to porches, and some even invite inside. Others you can view from the outside. You can also drive down the street very slowly (and carefully!)

The decorations on 34th St vary widely, and lights string from one side of the street to the other.

It is such a cool, unique experience, and part of why Hampden was named Forbes 15th Best Hipster Neighborhood in 2013!

2013 marks the 66th year of the street lighting, and the fun history of the tradition, plus details, can be found on their website: christmasstreet.com. (What a great website name!)

Don’t miss out on a unique Baltimore tradition!


Photo Courtesy of sneakerdog via Flickr CC