With Monday being President’s Day, I don’t think Towson school children will be wearing their pajamas inside out hoping for another snow day. They are already off school, and have been for a week now.

We had two blizzards in one week, and now just 5 days after the last one left us, we could have another doozy on our hands.

This complicates the issues that many of us are already facing, with heavy snow melting and water coming in, the gutter system in the front of the house about to collapse (or already have), leaks because of the ice melting in gutters from underneath.

There is a possibility of around 6″ of snow due Monday afternoon through Tuesday afternoon now. If the storm turns, we could be lucky enough to have some of it be rain, but it looks like DC may be more likely to have this good fortune.

This means we all need to be prepared again, but luckily 6″ of snow now doesn’t seem so bad after the past two weeks, does it?

So keep your eyes and ears open for leaks and just make sure to take it easy on the roads if you are out after it begins tomorrow afternoon. The heaviest is supposed to be overnight into Tuesday, and Howard County Schools have already closed for Tuesday. I am wondering how quickly Baltimore County and City may follow.