Mortgage rates drop very low — below 5% — as international money comes into the United States. The US bonds are seen as a safe haven in light of the financial troubles in Europe, and this is having a nice result in our country.

The Wall Street Journal reported this morning that interest rates were quoted at 4.86% on Friday. According to the Journal:

Falling mortgage rates can give a powerful lift to the housing market. A general rule of thumb holds that every one percentage point decline in mortgage rates effectively lowers home prices for buyers by roughly 10%. So, if the current rates hold, say economists, that could help stabilize prices and allow current homeowners to sell existing homes without substantial price cuts.

This is great news for the Towson real estate market because lower interest rates usually mean more houses selling.

There was concern that interest rates would rise above 6% as the Federal Reserve’s mortgage securities program is coming to an end. Add onto that the end of the Homebuyer Tax Credit, and the real estate market looked bleak for the summer.

Now, with the interest rates being so low, it can make homes much more affordable for many buyers.

It makes this truly a fantastic time to buy with interest rates at historic lows and housing prices so low as well. Contact me to take advantage of these low interest rates and get into your new Baltimore home!