The Washington Monument Lighting in Mount Vernon happens this Thursday, December 2, 2010, with activities beginning around 5:30 pm!

Always a beautiful event, the ceremony begins around 7 pm with the actual lighting around 7:20 pm.

This is the 39th year of the event, and it is always highly anticipated! This year ELMO stops by — always a fun time for the kids! For adults, there are multiple private events to invite you to enjoy Mount Vernon. For everyone, the Walters Art Museum is offering free admission all day and the Maryland Historical Society is as well, plus they offer the Victorian Open House Celebration from 5-8 pm where you can come inside, warm up & enjoy your surroundings!

The lighting, plus fireworks, music, performances and more make this a must-do event. Last year’s Monument Lighting was cold, with some snow showers, which added to the ambiance.

So come to Mount Vernon to celebrate the beginning of a fun season in Downtown Baltimore!

The Washington Monument is located at Mount Vernon Place by the Walters Art Museum at 600 N Charles Street, Baltimore, MD 21201.

Thank you to KyleB2007 for the YouTube Video