There is a potential for new townhomes in Sparks, as plans were presented to the Sparks-Glencoe Community Planning Council Meeting in September.

The proposed development would be for 80 townhouses at York Road and Fila Way just north of Hunt Valley and Shawan Road.

Fila used to have a large plant behind this area, and had been zoned for more development. Obrecht, the developers, felt residential improvements would be better for the surrounding Sparks community.

The townhouses in Sparks-Glencoe would start at $400,000 each, and would have two or three bedrooms, according to an article in the Cockeysville Patch.

How would you feel about new townhouses in Sparks? Do you think the area needs more homes? Would you be interested in them?

Do you think new townhouses would make Sparks house values higher or lower?

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