The Los Angeles Times reported today that Northrup Grumman is moving its Headquarters to the Washington, DC area.

This could mean a lot of jobs in the Maryland/DC/Virginia area, if current employees don’t want to move across the country.

They will be scouting locations in all three states before deciding where to plant their roots, which will happen by summer of 2011.

Should they choose to be in Maryland or even the northern part of DC, this could be a fanastic for the Baltimore real estate market in 2011.


Washington, DC, the Potomac, and the surrounding areas are very expensive places to live. Now, coming from Los Angeles, it might not be as much of a shock, but with MARC trains and easy commutes from Baltimore to the DC area, living in Baltimore is a great option for those employees who will be working for them.

So, welcome, Northrup Grumman!