Parkville home sale statistics for February 2012 are in, and the numbers are astoundingly great as compared to the same period last year!

$8,806,747 changed hands this year versus $4,492,620 in February 2011. This is a 96.3% increase! Also on the upswing? Number of homes sold — 48 vs 26, an over 84% increase. Average sales price was up 6.18% as well, with the average coming in at $183,474 over $172,793 last year.

Active homes for sale was down, which is creating more of a demand, which tends to affect prices. There were 256 homes for sale in Parkville this February, while last February there had been 347. 63 homes went under contract, which is a 34% increase over last year, and there were a total of 102 pending homes last month.

This is great news for the Parkville area in general, especially since January 21234 home sales were not showing these positive signs.

Here is a link to the detailed report on Parkville Home Sales Statistics February 2012.

I will caution, though, that every neighborhood is different, and the general overview may not accurately reflect what is happening directly around you.

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