The Colony at Kenilworth apartments in Towson may get larger, if the company who owns it has their say in changing their zoning.

The Kenilworth Drive apartments are currently zoned residential, and if they are able to change, would have 4.5 acres of business, plus 8.5 acres of higher density apartments (40 per acre instead of the current 16 per acre), and 3.5 acres of the residential. This could potentially bring tall, high rise buildings into the Towson neighborhood, where even the Shops at Kenilworth remain low to the ground.

This could increase traffic tremendously, on a road that is already very highly trafficked and in disrepair (and has been under construction for some time.)

Final votes on zoning change request are May 3, 2012.

If you are concerned with the possibility of taller buildings and less trees in this Towson neighborhood, please make sure to contact County Councilman David Marks, (here is link to his Baltimore County site) to let him know you do not agree with the potential up-zoning of the Colony at Kenilworth.

Please also contact Ms. Nancy Hafford of the Towson Chamber of Commerce (see link for phone number and email,) who is a planning board member and did not make the request a separate issue at the zoning work session last week, so it was able to pass without issue. Let her know you do not support this zoning change.

Any zoning change would have to be approved by the County Council, according to the Towson Patch article. Make sure the County Council hears your concerns!