Baltimore is set for a potential big snow storm this weekend, if you look at many different weather websites.

All factors seem to be pointing to a potentially “epic” storm, with sites comparing it to storms from 2010 (where we had two back-to-back storms of two feet accumulation each in one week.)

According to my facebook and twitter feeds, grocery stores have already gotten crazy, and some stores are running out of items. I have seen places run out of things the day and night before, but it is very unusual to have stores run out of milk three to four days before the storm!

Forecasters are saying to be prepared. The storm may start before rush hour on Friday, so that could be an issue. Then, if their predictions come true, there could be anywhere from one to two FEET of snow coming down through Saturday night.

Do you have a snow emergency kit in your car? A full tank of gas? Boots? Hat, gloves. Hand warmers. Phone charger. Blankets. Kitty litter (to help get out of an icy spot.) Ice scraper.

At home: Could you potentially lose power? Locate your flashlights, make sure you have batteries for them. Find your blankets, warm socks and the like. Find ice melt or kitty litter. Pull out your snow shovels.

Meanwhile, get ready. It looks like we are going to get something that will wreak havoc around Baltimore. Be safe out there, folks!