There are a number of home projects you could tackle while following stay at home orders in Maryland.

Some of the projects may not apply to you (or you may not appeal to you to do,) but there are some great ideas out there if you want to freshen up your Baltimore home while you may be there more!

Thanks to the website Curbed for some of these great ideas!

Rearrange things! Sometimes moving things around can help make your space look different without having to spend money. Move furniture around, rearrange bookshelves.

Clean. Yes, those areas we may have missed when we do our regular cleaning. Vents and baseboards. Under the beds. Clean out bathroom drawers and throw out expired and unneeded/unused items.

Organize! Maybe your closet needs to be gone through. Clear out the clothes that don’t fit correctly, or you don’t think you will wear anymore. Label what is in your cabinets – kitchen, pantry, storage.

Look at your walls. Do you have left over paint? You could touch up paint. Change some pictures out, move some things around.

Check your lighting. Change out lightbulbs, clean lamps and lampshades if you have them. Clean your curtains!

Clean your small appliances. Hand wash, wipe down the spots you may not usually do. Go through your spices and cabinets to find what you may need and what you may need to replace (and throw out what is expired!)

Yard work. If you have a yard, and it is getting warmer, then you can potentially tackle some tasks. Clear out the winter gunk. Clean the outdoor furniture and have your outside ready for you to enjoy as weather permits!

These are just ideas for potential home projects if you want to take any on during this time we are, in general, home more.