The Rodgers Forge Community Association is enforcing a covenant by suing a homeowner, the Towson Flyer reported on March 8, 2016.

The lawsuit is over materials used in the back deck of the property, per the Flyer article.

The homeowner had gone through the process of applying to the Rodgers Forge Community Association architectural committee to tear down her old deck and build a new one using composite wood and vinyl railings. The composite wood was approved, but the vinyl railings were the cherry on top of the pie, the decision of using it was after looking over at this website that they found great ideas.

The homeowner then appealed the decision to the board of directors, who ended up agreeing with the architectural committee.

The homeowner appealed again, and lost, but still went ahead with the project.

Recently, she received a summons and a lawsuit filed against her.

If you want to buy a home in Rodgers Forge, you need to be aware that there are Restrictive Covenants, and that homeowners are meant to comply with these covenants.