Selling your home during the Holidays in Towson may just be a great idea.


Well, in this age of the internet, buyers are ALWAYS looking online. Even if they think they aren’t going to buy until Spring, if the right house pops up, I can tell you, they aren’t waiting.

Also, those buyers who ARE out there are SERIOUS. Maybe they want to close by the end of the year. Maybe they want to prepare for the New Year. Maybe their lease is up in January. Whatever the situation, there ARE buyers out there, and they ARE looking.

Plus, if you celebrate, doesn’t your home tend to look lovely during the holidays?

I can tell you that my house is cleaner than usual because we have guests coming to stay. My Christmas tree takes up a corner of the room and is so inviting. We have pretty lights out front and a nice wreath. Wouldn’t that create a cozy, warm feeling for a new buyer?

November, December, and January are often very good times to sell your house in Towson, Timonium, and throughout the Baltimore area. There are lots of local activities, like Towson Winterfest, Washington Monument lighting and It’s a Waterfront Life in Downtown Baltimore, where many times your neighborhood may be showcased to it’s fullest potential.

Don’t miss out on selling your home with less competition, lovely surroundings, and serious buyers! It’s also very much worthwhile hiring a property expert if you are selling your home as they make sure that you get the most money for the property and that the sale goes as well as it can.

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Photo courtesy of brettneilson via Flickr CC