Home repairs can sometimes be best to do before listing your home for sale.

Though this lists seven, there could be more recommended, depending on a particular house, the current local real estate market, and the intention of the home seller in any particular situation. Thank you to HouseLogic for the list. Here it is, with my take on each item.

  1. Fix any damaged laminate flooring. Whether this is scratched hardwood floors, torn or worn vinyl, or stained, ripped, worn carpets, fresh floors often have a good return on investment.
  2. Fix old water stains. Note that I said old water stains. If you have a current leak, fix the leak first! Don’t cover up any actual issues – that could be a cause of trouble for a seller down the road. If the leak has been fixed, then fix the old stains, because otherwise buyers will think you have a current water problem!
  3. Fix torn window screens. This is a pretty inexpensive fix, and really makes a difference to many home buyers.
  4. Fix that grout! If your grout around tile-work in your bathroom, kitchen or other areas is older, possibly yellowed or cracking, or pieces missing, re-grout your grout!
  5. Fix that lawn. Have you heard of curb appeal? If a buyer arrives at your house and sees lots of dead grass, or many brown spots, and we haven’t recently been through a drought, then they may have the impression that the lawn needs a lot of work and may cost a lot of money to restore. Fertilize, seed, and/or hire a professional to help restore your lawn!
  6. Fix pet damage. Pet stains, scratched doors, scratched floors…your sweet family member can sometimes do some damage. Buyers don’t want to see it!
  7. Fix up that kitchen. A full kitchen redo for sale is not usually a prudent choice. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t freshen your kitchen up to make it more appealing. Sometimes refreshing cabinets, hardware, possibly countertops or appliances can be enough to make the kitchen more appealing to potential buyers.

This is a great general list for items to consider repairing before listing your Baltimore home for sale. There could be additions, depending on what you and your local real estate professional discuss would be best for your home and situation. ForĀ Baltimore real estate needs, please contact me. I would be happy to help!