Seven repairs that could help increase the value of your home comes as an inspiration from a Yahoo Homes post a few months ago.

There are very good suggestions in the post, but I want to make clear that these repairs may not, in all cases, increase the value of your home, depending on location, the amenities of homes nearby, and what other amenities your home has in comparison, as well as numerous other factors.

From the Yahoo Homes post, here is the list, with my notes on each item:

1) Fix Up the Exterior. Really look at the outside of your house. Is it inviting? Should you maybe spruce up the landscaping? How is that front door? How about around the front door? Remember, if you are going to be selling your house, buyers are usually standing at the front door, looking around as their agent is opening the keybox. Envision yourself in that same spot (try standing there!) and make what you see look as inviting as possible.

2) Fix the Roof. If it needs repair, or if the gutters are hanging…get it repaired! (The gutters hanging goes hand-in-hand with #1.)

3) Fix the Plumbing Leaks. Do you have slow drains? Leaks under the sinks? Dripping faucets?

4) Paint your walls. If you have unusual colors or you have wallpaper, you may want to consider painting them a neutral color to help buyers envision themselves living there.

5) Address the Floors. If your floors are old, need refinishing, or the carpet is worn, consider either having them refinished in the case of hardwoods, or replaced, in the case of carpet or vinyl. A fresh look helps!

6) Update the Kitchen. This is an area of the house that again, depends on your neighborhood, location, and amenities of those around you as to what you should do to help your value. Some locations people expect to see luxurious kitchens, while others, it is not expected. Talk to your local real estate agent so as to understand what is a normal upgrade in your neighborhood!

7. Update the Bathroom(s). Again, this is an area where it depends on what is happening around you in terms of what buyers expect when they look! Some areas, buyers want or expect more in terms of updates and upgrades. Others? Not necessarily as much!

With any renovation project, if you are looking to do them for YOUR enjoyment, do what YOU want. If you are looking to renovate your home to sell, make sure to speak with a real estate professional who can guide you to the best local resources.

If you are considering selling a home in Towson or selling your Timonium home, I would be happy to share recent sales, so you can compare your home to those, and what buyers were looking for when they entered into contracts.

For ideas and assistance, please contact me!