Yesterday was an interesting day as clients and I viewed seven homes in the Bel Air and Forest Hill areas of Harford County. We were lucky that all of the properties we were viewing had driveways, because street parking was an impossibility!

It is difficult to tell how large or small a yard is, how the yard looks, and how the house sits on the yard. You really can’t tell how the whole driveway looks, the front walk, the roof, or base around the house.

The large amount of snow really creates issues for buyers to imagine a home in its real state and understand how the home can really work for them.

My current listing has the same issue, as people really can’t see the deck with the under storage, the large side yard as it is an end unit, and the great location on the court — which currently has an 8’+ bank of snow piled in front of it!

Luckily the storm we had set for today did not happen as strongly as it was supposed to, and hopefully we will have some warmer weather and maybe some rain to melt some of the over 6′ piles of snow we have covering many of the street corners and driveway edges.

Buyers and sellers in the Baltimore area need & want it!