Kitchen design trends change over time, and each year there are trends that tend to be more popular than others.

Here are six kitchen design trends that professionals expect to see more of in 2023:

  1. A Combination of Dark and Light Colors. White kitchens have been popular on and off over the years. Designers expect to see dark colored cabinets or walls with white counters, or vice versa.
  2. Backless Stovetops. Designers see a lot of stone backsplashes, so a popular design aspect to go with that would be a backless stove to be able to see the stonework. In Baltimore there is a non-profit organization that plans to work with a small number of residents to provide a high efficiency induction stove to some who switch from a gas stove. If this program goes through and expands, I imagine we may see more of the flat top backless stoves in Baltimore.
  3. Open Concepts. Open concept kitchens have been popular for some time, and designers expect to see that continue.
  4. Showcased Appliances. Both large and small appliances have become stylish, so now designers expect to see the small appliances stay out on counters on display instead of being hidden away.
  5. Sustainable Choices. This includes choosing more “timeless” looks that may be “in-style” longer as well as more energy-efficient appliances, lights, light bulbs and more.
  6. Electronic Updates. Docking stations, wireless speakers, faucets with touch-free activation, appliances with Wi-Fi connectivity and mobile controls are items that designers expect to see in 2023.

Thank you to Real Simple and Insider for their ideas and posts about designer expectations this year.

Are there trends you are looking for in a new Baltimore home in 2023?

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