Six things you may want to do when moving into a new house.

This post comes from an article from HouseLogic called “6 Things Everyone Should Do When Moving Into a New House.”

I changed the title because I am going to elaborate some — and feel you *may* want to do some or most of these, but don’t know that “everyone” should have to do them (or would be allowed to or able to do them, depending on their situation!)

After moving, you must be sure that your belongings are bed bug free or your new home will become infested as well. Wash any items not labeled “clean” before you put them away or use them. If you acquire any new or used furniture, inspect it carefully before bringing it home to make sure it is bed bug free. it will be convenient to install some the Best bed bug heater according to reviews form real customers.  

In general, though, it is a good list! However, before I begin the list, I need to make sure that you know how to pick the right moving company for your job. If you needed any advice, you can try this out to find helpful resources on moving. Moving expenses are mostly quite significant. Therefore, you need to do your research well enough.

Now, on to the list.

1) Change the locks. YES. This is a very important and good idea. You don’t know who has keys to the house. Yes, you may have gotten the keys at closing, but there may be other copies out there!

2) Check for plumbing leaks. Though you may have had a home inspection, things could have changed. That, and if the seller moved out, and a leak started since, they might not know — nor would you — until the leak got worse! So check around, run water, make sure there aren’t leaks!

3) Steam Clean the carpets. A great idea to do before moving your furniture in if you have carpets in the house. Do it before you have to move heavy furniture! You can have a company do it for you, or you can rent a machine (sometimes grocery stores have the machines you can rent, or places like Home Depot or Lowe’s!)

4) Wipe out the cabinets. Dust, dirt, grime, old food particles and more could all be in the cabinets.

5) Get the pests out. You can hire a pest control service to do a treatment, and can have them come out quarterly if you find them to be an issue. Bugs, ants, mice, etc. Might as well start out with as few pests as you can!

6) Make sure to locate your circuit breaker box and main water shut off valve. In case of emergency, you won’t want to have to find them, you will want to know where they are!

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