Yesterday late afternoon and last night was a major thundersnow storm, with heavy snow, lightning and thunder. It was an incredible event. The snow was coming down so heavily that a large number of people had to abandon their cars on the way home, and others took about 9 hours to commute. Even snowplows got stuck!

Large Crowd Sledding at the Board of Education in Towson

We lost many tree limbs, and there are a number hanging precariously on other branches. We have about a foot of heavy snow on the ground and in the trees! Many lost power. We were lucky because ours flickered a number of times, but remained on.

The fun part was the sledding yesterday and today at the Baltimore County Board of Education on Charles Street in Towson.

Lots of people came out to enjoy the HUGE hill. It is the best place to sled in Towson!

There is a possibility of snow up to an inch tomorrow and another dusting Saturday.

Hopefully we won’t have the Snowpocalypse(s) like we did last year. Here’s hoping for warmer weather soon!