Well, we are currently buried in about 30″ of snow here in Towson, MD and just got reports that Baltimore County Schools are closed through Wednesday. I have a feeling that will be extended through the end of the week.


Snowpocalypse 2010 2.0 is apparently on its way.

Originally forecasters were calling for around 5″. Now they are saying in excess of 10″.

If you follow Foot’s Forecast, they are predicting 12-20″. You read that right. Possibly 1-2 more FEET on top of the almost 3 FEET we have on the ground.

So imagine these photos with double the snow. I will post pix once it gets here, but I can tell you, I am not happy! It’s not good for my clients who are trying to sell their homes in time for buyers to receive the homebuyer tax credit on the purchase, so they are listing earlier than they usually would.

Wish us luck!

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