It’s March 5, 2013, and we are enjoying beautiful 55+ degree weather.

Oh, and we are anticipating a huge snowstorm bringing us 8-12″ of snow in Towson beginning tonight all the way through tomorrow.


A funny name has been given to the impending storm due to the Sequestration and the fact that the brunt of the storm is supposed to hit the Baltimore-Washington corridor.

Personally, I would have been OK with a light snow winter.

Guess Mother Nature had another idea for us.

Apparently it is going to be very heavy snow and high winds, so BGE has called in 500 extra crews to handle potential power outages.

SO, charge up your cell phones, make sure you have batteries for your flashlights, and hunker down for what sounds like a heck of a storm.

It looks like this weekend we should return to 50+ degree weather, so hopefully it will melt pretty quickly!

I’m looking forward to Spring!