Spring Cleaning Hints thanks to Home Warranty of America, and Joanna Share, our Baltimore representative, for these great ideas!


The clocks have “sprung” ahead, baseball training is underway and here at HWA we all have one thing on our minds – SPRING!

Along with all the fun Spring brings, there’s also a lot of work to do. Spring is the best time to clean, organize and update your home.

Check Out Your Home’s Equipment

Take the time to scan your home equipment for anything that may need service or repair. Top appliances and systems to check out are air conditioning units, the furnace and filter, stoves (especially gas for any leaks) and water heaters for leaks as well.

By scanning your home’s equipment and appliances, you will have the opportunity to fix any possible problems before an unexpected accident or breakdown occurs.  This is great to do both in the spring and fall.  Always hire a professional to maintain your larger systems and handle any repairs.

Spring Cleaning
Spring cleaning can be anything from polishing floors and moving furniture to organizing and sorting through your cabinets. Whatever the spring cleaning needs are for your home, here’s a list of how to get started!

Target the mess!

Take a few minutes to mentally survey each room. Jot down a list of the problem areas of each room. Focus on areas that really bother you or that your family finds impossible to keep clean.

Diagnose the mess!

For each of the problem areas, figure out the reason why the mess happens and continues to happen. Usually there are several reasons why an area in your home is consistently messy.

Fix the mess!

Think about new habits and tools that can make those messes disappear. Will storage containers or shelving help? Do habits need to be changed and enforced? Is it a combination? Keep in mind the best organizing system does no good if it is not utilized. So come up with a plan that is attainable and easily enforced for your family.

Make it happen!

Buy the tools or materials you need to better organize your home. Force new habits onto yourself and your household so everyone remembers to put items properly in their newly organized space.