Stamp price increase to 49 cents will happen January 26, 2014.

Forever stamps can be purchased at the current rate of 46 cents each until January 26, and can be used indefinitely.

The biggest change/jump is the price to mail a package via USPS — an increase of 6% to mail a package. In the past, increases have only been 1.7%. This will be a large cost increase per package sent.

Postcards will now cost 34 cents to mail, up from 33 cents in 2013.

The price increases are supposed to help regain $2.8 Billon in losses, which is still only a small portion of the losses the USPS has suffered from since the economic downturn that began in 2008.

Technically, the price increase is only temporary, lasting two years. Inflation could change that, though, and could be reevaluated.

So, stock up on your Forever stamps before January 26th!