Renovation Trends in 2023

March 29th, 2023

Renovation trends in 2023 comes from a study done by Houzz. This was a large survey of Houzz users - 46,118 people, which included 24,667 who are either currently renovating, planning to renovate in 2023, or did home renovations in 2022. Of those surveyed and did a home renovation in 2022, 61% said they plan [...]

December Home Checklist from Houzz

December 3rd, 2020

A December home checklist is a list of things to do to make winter in your Baltimore home more comfortable and less stressful. Houzz created a list, which had some good ideas that became part of my list. My list goes more in depth for a number of things that would be good for Baltimore [...]

10 Tips to Help Organize Your Home

July 7th, 2016

10 Tips to Help Organize Your Home comes from a Houzz post by a contributor who specializes in and teaches a decluttering e-course. You can learn more about Laura Haskill and her Mindful Clutter Clearing e-course at http://www.lauragaskill.com/ecourse. Here are her tips, and my take on each one: Understand Active Zones vs Passive Zones. Active zones [...]

Ten Updates to Help Sell Your Home

March 21st, 2014

Ten updates to help sell your home. This list comes from a Houzz article entitled, "10 Low-Cost Tweaks to Help Your Home Sell." Though I am not sure I agree that all of them are "low-cost," many are good ideas for a person getting ready to sell a Timonium home to consider. 1) Clean the [...]

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