A December home checklist is a list of things to do to make winter in your Baltimore home more comfortable and less stressful.

Houzz created a list, which had some good ideas that became part of my list.

My list goes more in depth for a number of things that would be good for Baltimore homeowners to do every December to prepare for Maryland winter months.

  • Shut off your outside faucets, drain the water in the pipes, and disconnect hoses. Once we get freezing temperatures in Maryland, your pipes that don’t get heat could freeze and can burst when the water expands.
  • Make space for winter coats, boots, hats, and gloves. Go through to make sure gloves have partners, boots fit, and have their matches. Having these items in a central location should help when needed.
  • Find your snow shovels and make sure they are usable and not cracked or broken. Put them in an easy-to-locate location.
  • Locate your ice scrapers or snow brushes and put them in your car if you have one.
  • Find flashlights and blankets, and make sure you have canned goods and water in case of a power outage during a snow storm.
  • It is a good idea to keep a blanket and flashlight in your car if you have one too!
  • Check around windows and doors for a draft. If you feel cool air coming in, get weather stripping and apply it to keep your home warmer during the cold months.
  • Have your chimney inspected and cleaned. Chimney sweeps can get very busy and backed up in the winter, and if you plan to use your fireplace, you will want to make sure it is safe to use!

This December, make sure to prepare for the Maryland winter months!