Towson Named Ninth Best Suburb for Education in America 2014

October 1st, 2014

Towson was named ninth best suburb for education in America in 2014 by a website named Movoto. How was the ranking done? The website collected data for 109 suburbs. They used the US Census and Then they ranked them from 1-109 based on the criteria of: Student-teacher ratio Money spent per year per student High school [...]

Towson Named 11th Most Exciting Suburb

February 10th, 2014

Towson was named the 11th most exciting suburb by Movoto. One space out of the top 10, that is something of which we Towson residents should be proud! There were 139 suburbs that the site evaluated. Per the site, the criteria used was: Nightlife per capita (bars, clubs, comedy, etc.) Live music venues per capita [...]

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