Towson was named ninth best suburb for education in America in 2014 by a website named Movoto.

How was the ranking done?

The website collected data for 109 suburbs. They used the US Census and Then they ranked them from 1-109 based on the criteria of:

  • Student-teacher ratio
  • Money spent per year per student
  • High school graduation rate
  • rating, which is based on test scores.

To note: Ellicott City and Columbia schools in Howard County were named #3 and #8 respectively!

The reason Towson schools ranked so well? According to the article:

  1. The amount of money spent on each student (in Towson, that amount is approximately $14,762)
  2. High Test Scores
  3. High School Graduation rate of 91%

Here is a link to the original article with an explanation of their ranking system, and their “Big Deal Score.”

Congratulations to Towson schools for making this list!

I want to note that this ranking is not mine, and I do not endorse any particular school or school district. I am just sharing information I found on Towson schools. My opinions are not represented by this ranking nor this blog post.