Baltimore Zillow Zestimates Still Off

February 7th, 2012

Baltimore Zillow Zestimates are still often off from true value, despite the change in algorithms last year. "Desktop Valuations" are a quick way to look at the potential value of a home, but they do not take many factors into consideration, and some of the things they DO use to determine a value should not be used! [...]

A New Low for Incorrect Zillow Zestimates

August 31st, 2011

Last night, Zillow posted a tweet, inviting you to look at this glorious mansion on the market for $35,000,000. Please note, that is $35 MILLION. The amusing part to me, is when I clicked on it, directly under the asking price is the Zillow Zestimate: $396,500. Yes, you read that right, Three hundred ninety-six THOUSAND, [...]

Incorrect Towson Zillow Zestimates Strike Again

May 26th, 2009

Memorial Day brings families together, and discussions many times go to real estate, especially when you have a member of your family who specializes in that field. I like to know my Towson real estate marketplace so when I am asked how much a home is that someone passed on the way to my house, [...]

Zillow Zestimates for Towson Real Estate May Be Misleading

March 2nd, 2009

Have you ever wondered about those “Zestimates” from Zillow.com ? How accurate are they really? I pondered this recently, as a listing I have coming on the market in Hunt Valley has a Zestimate about $40,000 LESS than the value determined during my true, in-depth market analysis as a licensed Towson Real Estate Agent. (On the other hand, using their “My Estimator” tool brings the value up to over $110,000 HIGHER than its true value!)¬† […]

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