Ten hot house trends for 2018!

Thanks to an article on The Lighter Side of Real Estate, some hot trends to look out for in 2018.

  1. Mixed Metals. Rose gold is still in – but now you can mix it with silver, standard gold, brushed bronze, or other metals.
  2. Colorful Appliances. I have seen this more and more, starting with red washers and dryers a number of years ago. Now, blue stoves and other kitchen appliances are hot!
  3. Floors with Patterns. Whether flooring laid in a pattern or the flooring itself containing a pattern, shapes and pattern designs on your floors are in.
  4. Patterned Home Furnishings. Mixing geometric patterns and florals is in!
  5. Velvet. Yes, velvet couches and the like are in. (My question – would that be hot or uncomfortable to sit on in the summer?)
  6. Purple. Ultra Violet to be exact. Pantone’s color of the year.
  7. Curved Furniture & Natural Accents. Expect to see a lot of woods – round, tree trunk-like styles as tables or side pieces.
  8. Bathrooms that feel like spas. New soaking tubs, black and white towels, candles – maybe even some spa-like smelling essential oil diffusers in them!
  9. Handcrafted Items. Plates, mugs, imperfect lines, pottery.
  10. Jewel Tones. (Remember that Ultra Violet?) Rich jewel tones are taking over beige and greys, and mixing bright colors is in!

So, knowing those 10 hot house items for 2018, what are the things from 2017 we should expect to see go away? Barn doors and word art.

What are your thoughts on the hot trends for 2018? Do you still like or want barn doors even if designers don’t?

Will these trends be seen in Baltimore real estate this year? Stay tuned!