This Month in Real Estate for April 2011 is out!

First, Jay Papasan discusses the numbers. The current national average for a mortgage rate is 4.8%, according to Freddie Mac.

Then he discusses how much time you should spend with an agent before looking at homes.

The first step should be a buyer consultation, that should last an hour to hour & 1/2. Part of the goal of the buyer consultation is to be able to view the least amount of homes possible to find a perfect match. Much of this is due to the consultation and how much is learned by the agent, and the buyer, about what they really need and want in a home.

Bryon Ellington talks about the important things in buying your first home:

  • Get an expert guide. (A professional real estate agent!)
  • Which is more important? Location or size?
  • What are the benefits of buying a fixer-upper versus a home in good condition? (My additional thought: Does your loan type ALLOW you to buy a fixer-upper?)
  • How do you maximize home value appreciation?
  • Is neighborhood stability a priority?
  • What features and amenities offer the best resale value?

If you are considering buying a home in Towson, contact me so my team can work with you and help make the process as smooth as possible!