This Month in Real Estate for February 2011 shares that 89% of all homebuyers begin their home search online.

Jay Papasan also shared that home sales were at an annual rate of 5.3 Million with a median home sales price of $168,800, and the national average mortgage interest rate was 4.71%.

For selling a home in the winter, and getting a jump on the spring home sales market, there are some good reasons as to why to list your home now, and ideas that can help to possibly sell yours faster! Bryon Ellington provided some of those thoughts:

1) With less homes on the market, pricing your home right and staging it well will make yours stand out.

2) According to the National Association of REALTORS(R), it takes a buyer, on average, 12 weeks to search for a home. If yours is on the market NOW, then you can catch those buyers ready to enter the spring marketplace right when they get started!

3) Home inspectors, lenders, appraisers, and the like are not quite as busy during the winter months. This may mean things could go more quickly and smoothly than when they are busier. When it comes to home inspection repairs, the licensed contractors and repair persons also may have more availability to make repairs, so they can be completed more quickly and you, and the buyer, can have a quicker peace of mind.

4) The internet makes home shopping in the winter much easier — and appealing — to buyers. With less competition, and if your home is marketed well online, you could be seen by many homebuyers who haven’t even started their official search yet!

To find out the best price for your Towson home and how to make it most appealing to buyers, contact me so I can help!