This Month in Real Estate for July 2011 has been released!

First, as always, Jay Papasan discusses the numbers:

Home sales dropped a little to a pace of 4.8 million home sales for the year, versus the 5.1 million they were averaging per June 2011’s This Month in Real Estate. The median home sales price is up to $167,000 from last month. The average rate for a 30 year fixed rate mortgage, according to Freddie Mac, was about 4.5%, down .1% from last month.

Then, Jay talks about the top three technology tools that agents use to help clients buy and sell real estate.

First is email: Almost 2/3 of agents use email to get properties in front of perspective buyers.

Second is personal websites, like mine,

Third is national websites, like, where I have enhanced listings!

This indicates that real estate is still very local, as we know from the sales numbers differing even within zip codes!

In News You Can Use, Byron Ellington talks about the three ways to get your home sold — even with new and inventive ways to market your house.

1) PRICE IT RIGHT. Know what the trend is. Are prices rising in your neighborhood? Dropping? What has been happening over the last year? Price ahead of the market, instead of chasing it.

2) Consider a Pre-sale Inspection to be able to address issues with the house.

3) If you have multiple offers, consider all factors, not just price!

Contact me for more details about the technology and techniques I use to to sell Timonium houses. I would love to help you!