This Month in Real Estate May 2010 is here!

April 30, 2010 marked the end of the Homebuyer Tax Credit. Though there was an small uptick in sales from qualified homebuyers, this does not truly mean the end of the spring market for sellers who are currently on the market or getting ready to go on the market.

Three tips are given in the video for homesellers to make their house ready for sale and more marketability.

1) Price it right. Be ahead of the curve and price more aggressively than the ones recently sold in your neighborhood.
2) Get a pre-sale home inspection. Then you can fix things up front and have your house ready for buyers without worrying about what may pop up during an inspection and cause re-negotiations.
3) Consider all offers. Notice they say “consider”. Sometimes a lower offer than you wanted or expected may have better terms and conditions than one later on. Keep in mind that an offer with a lot of contingencies or conditions has a more likelihood of something not going correctly than one that has less.
Finally, contact a local real estate professional.

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