Timonium home sales in  2013 were up over 2012, a good sign of improvement.

The total volume of Timonium houses that sold in 2013 was $229,523,128, which is up 21.74% from 2012, where we saw $188,539,948 sell.

Also up — average sales price in Timonium — $394,370 over $363,275 in 2012.

There were 582 Timonium homes that changed hands last year, up from 519 in 2012.

A good number to drop? Average days on market. It took an average of 52 days for a house in Timonium to sell last year, down from the average of 85 it took in 2012. That is almost a month less time for a house in Timonium to sell!

We had a few dips throughout the year, as you can see on the graph. In general, though, the Timonium real estate market fared better than in 2012.

View this link for a more detailed report on 21093 home sales in 2013.

Please keep in mind that this is a very general overview of Timonium and Lutherville home sales for 2013.

The Lutherville-Timonium zip code of 21093 has a large variety in both home types and neighborhoods. Homes in Timonium range from condos to small and large townhouses, small single family homes to very large detached homes.

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