There will be a Towson App, thanks to the Towson Chamber of Commerce!

The Towson App will be similar to the Ocean City App, which shows local events, restaurants, shows, and the like.

I have found the Ocean City app to be very useful when on vacation — you can see what is happening on the days you are there, prices, and links to the events. You can also see local restaurants and stores!

If you went to the Towsontown Festival in May, you could have downloaded the Towsontown Festival App — letting you know when performers were showcased, and where you could find events and activities. It was a hit with festival goers, and gave the Chamber the idea that an app for Towson would be useful!

Apparently the Towson app will even have parking availability shown, which could be very useful!

According to an WBAL TV article, the app should take about three months to build. I hope this means that it will be ready for Towson Winterfest!