I have been a Towson Realtor for over 20 years.

Well, really, Baltimore, Timonium, and the surrounding Baltimore areas.

I am passionate about helping buyers and sellers achieve their goals – and I have 20 years of that passion to show!

Things have changed quite a bit in the Baltimore Real Estate business in the last 20 years.

Twenty years ago, in Maryland, Buyer Agency became law, and agents were navigating the change.

Twenty years ago, our MLS was a DOS-based program, where you dialed in and it took so long to pull new listings that you could start your search, go take a shower, and come back and maybe it would be finished when you were done.

Twenty years ago, we had Supra Lockboxes where the digital “key” had to be updated every night – which used the phone line (just like the MLS,) so you couldn’t do that at the same time as your MLS search. In both cases, you also had to hope no one called your home phone line, because it would interrupt the process!

Twenty years ago, we didn’t give out our cell phone number – we spent most of our time in the office, and gave the office number or our “direct line” (AKA our voice mail.)

Twenty years ago, we called into the office to check our voice mail multiple times a day if we weren’t there to ensure we didn’t miss anything.

Twenty years ago, contracts were hand-written with carbon copies – top copy was white, middle was yellow, bottom was pink. We hand-delivered offers and counter-offers to the other broker’s office, and had to meet with buyers and sellers to initial and sign each change. Lenders often wanted the top “wet” copy, as did the title company, (and our office liked the top copy too,) so sometimes contracts had to be written and re-written three times or more.

Sometime in the next few years, faxes became acceptable forms of contract delivery, and the contract was changed to reflect that faxing was OK. Years later, we had a *new* product where you could fax to an email! (It was revolutionary at the time!)

Essentially, much about the way our business was done was very different 20 years ago.

What hasn’t changed?

Real estate is about people. Often, a real estate transaction is the single most expensive transaction a buyer will ever be involved with.

This is what I love. I love helping buyers and sellers achieve their goals. Whether to move in, move on, or move out, buying or selling a house is often very emotional and stressful for those involved. It makes me happy when both a buyer and seller are pleased with the outcome!

Helping buyers and sellers is a passion of mine. And it has been for 20 years! Some things, like that, never change.