The Towson Roundabout will be undergoing some construction, and it may cause some delays as you travel through Downtown Towson over the next few months.

Towson Circle image from State Highway Administration

Construction has begun and protective coatings have been installed but it is just the first phase, which doesn’t affect traffic as much, since the first five phases only have closures overnight from 9pm to 5am, and will not have closures over the weekend.

The last phase, six, is due to come late summer, with the project due to end at the end of the summer.

Here are the phases as they are scheduled.

Thank you to Delegate Susan Aumann for sharing this information and photo of the construction site with her Towson constituents!

Phase 1: Close right lane on westbound East Joppa Road to right lane northbound Dulaney Valley Road (MD 146)

Phase 2: Close right lane on southbound Dulaney Valley Road and detour northbound York Road (MD 45) north of roundabout
Phase 3: Close right lane on southbound York Road (north of roundabout) and detour westbound Allegheny Avenue and West Joppa Road (one-way section)
Phase 4: Close right lane on northbound York Road south of roundabout; close left lane on southbound York Road south of roundabout; close left lane on northbound Dulaney Valley Road; and detour northbound York Road north of the roundabout
Phase 5: Close right lane northbound York Road south of the roundabout, detour eastbound East Joppa Road; and close left lane of westbound East Joppa Road
Phase 6: Weekend Roundabout Closures: Close and Detour Entire Roundabout on one or two weekends for final paving work and installation of new pavement markings by Paving Dublin – projected to occur late summer 2011

So every night, it appears there will be lane closures in Towson, which can cause traffic backups. Your best bet is to avoid the area from 9pm-5am Sunday-Thursday, and as it gets closer to the end of the project, to avoid the area on the weekends.