The Towson Y is located between Chesapeake Avenue and Allegheny Avenue in Towson.

It has been there for many years, and they are looking to expand and build upon their current space.

The issue is that the new building is due to be placed where the tennis courts are — and that backs up to West Towson homes on Allegheny Avenue.

The tennis courts have chain link around and is fairly open, which does not bother the neighbors much on Allegheny. Their concern, according to an article in the Towson Patch, is that the new building will be tall & concrete — and very visible to their West Towson homes, especially in the fall and winter, when the leaves on the trees that separate the two are not there.

In addition to the size and proximity of the new structure, another concern is environmental. Will there be runoff onto the neighboring properties? Could it affect wildlife?

The Towson Y has responded and says there will be stormwater management systems in place, and is also planning to change the design a bit to work with their West Towson neighbors.

I will be interested to see the adjusted design and hear how the neighbors feel about how it will look. Hopefully the Y and the community can come up with a solution that will bring a vibrant and useful activity filled place to the area, yet also not potentially affect their neighbors’ West Towson house values.