Tricks to renovate and create space in your home comes from a Today Show post about “space saving tricks” – but they really are about how to renovate your home and use the space you already have.

Here are the tricks from the Today Show post – with my take on each one.

  1. Turn Open Space into Storage Space. Is there a place for cabinets? Drawers? Is there a “dead space” area in your house that could potentially have shelving or cabinets built in? Do it!
  2. Turn Closed Space into Storage Space. Do you have a cabinet under your stairs? No? Why not? It is just enclosed empty space. Why not use it? Can your cabinets go higher in your kitchen? Is there just empty bulkhead above it? Then try new, taller cabinets, and put things away up high that you don’t use often!
  3. Clean Out Your Kitchen. When you are considering that kitchen redesign, clean out your cabinets. If you haven’t used something in the last year, move it elsewhere. You may find you don’t need more space in the kitchen. Do what you can to get a cleaner! We have used a professional cleaning company in Bristol and they have just been a lifesaver in giving us so much more time to do what we love so we cannot recommend them enough!
  4. Create a Loft. There may be closed-in spaces that could be opened to create a loft. This area could be used for sleeping, an office, storage, or whatever you may need! Often, a loft just has a ladder to enter, so you don’t necessarily have to make space for stairs.
  5. Utilize the Garage, if you have one! The space above where you park is often just open. Close off some space for storage! If it is a big open space – that is a good place for #4!
  6. Consider Getting Multi-Function Furniture. I have seen a lot of kitchen islands with wine storage built in to spaces that used to be lost space. Non-permanent furniture like desks that fold up so they are only using space when they are in use are also popular.
  7. Display Your Things. This should help keep things more orderly, and can showcase items that you may want to see and be reminded of on a regular basis!
  8. Open Floor Plans. If you are renovating, consider an open floor plan. Do you need to have separate rooms? This is very popular in Downtown Baltimore in places like Locust Point, Federal Hill, Canton, and Fell’s Point. It makes these spaces feel much larger!

If you are considering a move to Baltimore, please contact me. I can help you visualize a space as your home!