With the heat advisories coming through every day and lasting until 9 pm, you may need some tricks to keeping your Towson home cool in the heat.

Lowe’s Home Improvement gave some great advice to check and follow!

  • Fans and Ceiling Fans — a simple fan can make a room feel 6-7 degrees cooler because it helps to move the air around. Place one near an air conditioning register, and face it towards people, and you have instant cooling. This way you can possibly raise the thermostat but feel just as comfortable.
  • Close Shades and Blinds — though natural light usually creates light so you don’t have to use your lamps and lights, the heat coming in from the windows may be negating that effect. There are heat-deflecting curtains, and white on the outside always helps!
  • Control Internal Heat — Not using appliances? Unplug them.

Use a toaster oven instead of the regular oven if you can.

Make sure that your air conditioners are properly inspected so that it runs properly without any problem. You can call an a/c repair expert if you think you need help with fixing your AC. Don’t put appliances that put out heat near a thermostat. This will make your A/C run harder and longer than necessary.

Don’t cook in the middle of the day, try to cook after dark when it is a bit cooler!

Wash/Dry clothes in the evening as well because the humidity is what can cause it to feel even warmer. Those appliances create humidity in the air.

  • Plants — having shade around the A/C unit is good — but don’t let it get too close, because then it may block the airflow and work against you!

Hopefully these tips can help you keep your Towson home cooler in this oppressive heat. Remember to stay hydrated!