Twelve things to do before selling your home is an important list to consider when going through the home sale process.

Some of the items are quick and easy, some others take time and effort – some more than others.

Here is a list that put together:

  1. Find a great real estate agent. In the Baltimore Metropolitan area? I’m here! Realtormarney Towson Real Estate here to serve.
  2. Check out your curb appeal. The front of the house, including any yard, is the first thing a buyer sees when they come up to your house. Here are some curb appeal tips and ideas I have written about in the past.
  3. Declutter! Living spaces need to feel as open and spacious as possible. This includes closets and drawers as well. If you have more than 30 days before listing, you can try this declutter challenge where it should only take about 15 minutes per day – and breaks it down into small doable chunks.
  4. Depersonalize. There are a few reasons behind this step. One, you want your buyer to be able to envision themselves and THEIR personal items in the home. Two, you don’t want people looking at your personal items instead of the house! Three, your taste may be in direct conflict with someone who views your house – better to be neutral!
  5. Paint! If you have strong colors or lots of scuff marks, finger prints, etc, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders to prepare your house for sale!
  6. Those smudges, finger prints and scuff marks? Get rid of them! Check your doorways, especially around where hands often touch like door handles, light switches and the like. It is amazing how little you notice on a regular basis, but removing those marks can make a big difference when preparing your home for sale.
  7. Fix Broken Items. Replace light bulbs. Fix broken handles. All of those minor things you have gotten used to – fix them. Why? A regular thought I hear is “If they aren’t fixing that, what else aren’t they fixing?”
  8. Add Plants. Green is good! Plants can add life to a house, a pop of color, a neutral item pleasing to the eye.
  9. Get Rid of Smells. Don’t have a good nose? Bring in a friend to check it out. Ask them to be blunt and tell you if they smell any odors that are not pleasant. If they do…figure out how to get rid of those smells. (I’m not recommending getting rid of your animals, just the smells they produce – if this means more baths, scooping kitty litter more often, pet odor reducing deodorizers.)
  10. Clean and Disinfect. You want your house to appear spotless, if possible. Shiny floors, sparkling tile, fresh carpet, gleaming walls.
  11. Hide Your Valuables and Medications. Take them with you when you leave, or store off site if necessary.
  12. Stage Your Home. How much you do to stage is up to you and your budget. You could go all out and rent a stager’s furniture to modernize your house. Still live there? It is about the above steps and making your furniture and decor desirable to someone new.

Ready to sell your Towson home? When you hire me as your agent, I can give you personalized tips to help maximize your sale!