Veep HBO Producer, Stephanie Laing, wrote a post for Yahoo Travel about why Baltimore is the New Brooklyn.

She has been traveling from New York to Baltimore for three years for the show, and even filmed a short film here,  “Trouble & the Shadowy Deathblow.”

She has fallen in love with our great city, and told the world why.

The five things, from her post:

1. Our Coffee. Yes, we have some fabulous coffee shops. She loves the Cafe Con Leche at Lamill in the Four Seasons, but says that the best coffee shop in town is Spro, on the Avenue in Hampden. (I know a number of people who would agree!)

2. She loves Hampden. She enjoys its’ eclectic stores and restaurants. Her favorite restaurant is The Other Corner Charcuterie. She even wrote about the Miracle on 34th Street light show.

3. Our Locally Owned Restaurants. Fork & Wrench, Henninger’s Tavern, (her top is Birroteca,) Woodberry Kitchen, and Peter’s Inn. We have a lot of awesome locally owned eateries, and we should all take advantage!

4. Food Trucks! YES! I too, love Iced Gems. GrrChe is awesome as well. She missed the VERY awesome Gypsy Queen — HELLO Crab Cone! (Seriously. Try it. AMAZING.)

5. Parking Issues. Yes, there may be some parking issues. BUT, there are a lot of garages, and many Baltimore homes have parking pads!

Since Brooklyn is her home, and she loves it deeply, I am proud to have her call Baltimore the New Brooklyn. Thank you for showing love to our great city!