The brightly lit neon-ish sign at West Towson Elementary School will be removed and replaced early next month.

Neighbors of the new school had complained to the Baltimore County Council and asked for a redesign. It is a very tall sign with LED lights that blinked information in red all day & night.

In a letter from Joe A Hairston, Superintendent of Baltimore County Schools, dated December 22, 2010, to Vicki Almond & David Marks, County Councilmembers covering the 2nd & 5th Districts, it states that the sign will be removed and replaced with one deemed more appropriate for the area, location, and neighborhood.

Charles Street is an historic “Scenic Bypass”, and some felt that the signs could threaten that designation.

The combination of the issues created a problem where a solution has now been set in motion. Thanks to Superintendent Hairston and Councilmembers Almond & Marks, West Towson Elementary School & Charles Street will be restored to a setting to which all should be happy about.

I look forward to seeing the new signs!