What is the best day to list my house?

A few years ago, prior to the internet being a terrific place to find information about a house, I would have said Tuesday night or Wednesday. Why? In the past, Broker’s Opens, generally held on Wednesday afternoons in central Baltimore County, were the “first showings” for houses. Owners got their places spiffed up, listing agents got sandwiches and cookies to share for lunch, and agents from many different brokerages were out to view the new inventory on the market.

At that time, the MLS allowed for 1-5 photos, the internet was a new thing, and Broker’s Opens were the best way for agents to get out and see the new places on the market to let their clients and potential clients know what is out there.

Now, with the internet being such a large part of the homebuying experience, data research has shown that best day to list is Friday.


Most homebuyers look at houses on the weekends. Many do not have to work, or have more flexibility or availability on weekends. The theory is that therefore, they choose which houses they want to see on Fridays, and they place them in order of newest to the market to oldest, making those that come on the market Fridays at the top of the list.

This does not mean that listing paperwork or photos should wait until Fridays. That is the day the data shown by the Redfin study say it should hit the market and websites. Note, though, that many websites do not catch up right away, and some take 24-48 hours to hit the internet. That being said, buyers who are working with a buyer’s agent get up-to-date information, and will have that data right away.

So, if you are looking to sell your Towson home, contact me to get things started, so we can plan to have it on the MLS for Friday!