Work in DC? Why not Live in Baltimore?

That is a very good question that comes to light due to a recent ad campaign by Live Baltimore.

The cost of living in Washington DC is currently much more expensive than Baltimore. There are many Baltimore condos, townhouses, and single family homes that are still affordable, and they are not too far from public transportation to get one to DC.

I have worked with a few families who have at least one member of their household who works in DC, and they have bought a home in Baltimore.

Maple Lawn is a popular location due to it being about halfway between Baltimore and DC, and there are newer homes, great restaurants, and the like for many to enjoy. If someone prefers an urban atmosphere, though, then Baltimore City could be a good option!

A Baltimore Sun article about the ad campaign discusses data on the large number of people who commute on the MARC train from the Baltimore area — whether it be the city or south, like BWI. Developers seem to feel that Baltimore city has a lot to offer those looking for an urban lifestyle without the DC prices.

The MARC train does make the commute easier, though a long one. On the train, though, instead of in a car, one can read or get work done, instead of dealing with the hassle of traffic.

As a side note, I will say that I lived in DC for four years in the 90’s, and for two years lived less than five miles from work, yet my commute rarely less than 45 minutes each way.

If you work in DC but want to buy a home in a vibrant but affordable city, consider living in Baltimore. And if you are considering living in Baltimore, please contact me! I would love to help!