York Rd in Towson is going to be under construction for the next few months.

The area is from the intersection of 695 all the way down to Washington Avenue in Towson.

Baltimore County is replacing a 10″ water line that has been having issues, and will be installing new 20-24″ diameter pipes.

York Rd will have lane closures for the next year — April 2013-14, according to the Community Update on the Baltimore County Government site.

According to a Towson Patch article, the Baltimore County Public Works sent an email which said that construction will occur Sunday through Thursday from 9pm to 5 am. During those times, there will be lanes on York Road that will be shut down. The good news is that it appears the road will not completely close. They also report that the work should be completed this fall, rather than April 2014, as the Baltimore County site shows.

Depending on the time of day and heaviness of traffic, you may want to find alternate routes to get through that area of Towson. During the day, apparently there will be metal plates covering the spots, which, even when there aren’t lane closures, tend to slow the flow of traffic.